Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring/Summer Wardrobe ideas

I've hit a kind of a mini-wall in my sewing. Here's the issues I'm facing:
  • I have about 3 UFO's sitting in a pile that I feel very luke-warm about finishing (which NEVER happens to me.) 
  • There are a bunch of upcoming contests/ sewalongs in which I want to participate on the blogosphere. 
  • I have a relatively substantial stash of fabric and patterns, with almost every one of the former matched up with one of the latter, but no idea which one to tackle first. 
  • I still have that dang suit jacket I've been promising my husband for over a year which has basically turned into a large and frustrating pile of rumpled muslin. (Although I did just finish making him a Newcastle Cardigan.... I should photograph him and make a blog post about it! What a novel concept!)
  • My mother in law commissioned me to make her a dress. I should start on it soon.
  • I would like to branch out and attempt to make a backpack. I have canvas fabric and a leather coat I want to cut up.
  • Summer is coming....It is..... I know it.... But I can't feel it. As a result, even though I want to start warm-weather sewing, my mind is stuck on all I still wanted to accomplish for the winter. It's hard for me to let myself contemplate sewing cotton dresses, sleeveless tops, and that perfect pair of pleated shorts I've always wanted. (Because I will have those shorts!)
Basically I have a lot of ideas rolling around in my head and a difficult time prioritizing what to do first. So today I decided to make a collage/ mood board of what I want my spring/summer wardrobe to look like. I'm also trying to identify and solidify *my style* in the process. Here's what I came up with:


Although skinny jeans aren't necessarily strictly "summer", I feel like I can't have too many pairs in my wardrobe. And you have to admit, those Jamie jeans are just so dang cool. Other things I need more of: Cute tops that I can layer and pair with other things. The aforementioned perfect pleated shorts. And of course, the Tania culottes, shorts masquerading as a mini circle skirt. The concept of wearing these makes my entire summer appear brighter!


 There are two silhouettes I want to focus on this summer: Loose flowy dresses cinched in at the waist, and structured dresses that are fitted in the bodice and have a full skirt. As much as I love the way pencil dresses look, I never feel totally 100% comfortable wearing something that is form fitting from head to toe. I have a few things like that, but I don't need any more. As long as my waist is defined, I feel comfortable in it and it looks flattering.
I want to make at least one wrap dress this summer. Also I have that exact red and white polka dot fabric with which I am going to make something like that picture. And then a double breasted shirt dress.... Um yes please!


Lastly, these are some fabrics that caught my eye on the webbernets. Just looking at them all next to each other makes me very happy. I don't presently own any of these (except the blue and yellow polka dot, which is a poly chiffon a bought awhile ago and I plan to make the above-pictured burdastyle satin dress pattern with it.) 
I am going to New York again next month, and I want to be more focused in my fabric search this time. Instead of bouncing around Mood like a child with ADHD in a candy store (as was the case last year), I want to have a list of 3 or 4 basic things I'm looking for and stick to those. Especially since this time I'll be there with my husband, brother, and dad, and I'm assuming they will only be willing to spend so much of the day pretending to be interested in the garment district....
So here's what I need more of: Jersey jersey jersey!!! Flowy cotton prints. Denim/neutral cotton twill. Also I'd like to find a nice wool boucle to have in my stash for a next-winter project. OH, and I'd like to find a navy blue spandex to make a bikini bottom for myself. UGH. Still too many ideas!!!

So here's my game plan: 
  1. Finish my UFO's. BLOG ABOUT THEM.
  2. Make my backpack in time to use it in New York. BLOG ABOUT IT.
  3. Make at least one of my planned spring dresses in time to wear to New York. I'd like to do the blue/yellow polka dot flowy dress I described above. I haven't had much experience with sheer fabrics so I'm excited for the learning experience. I'll get help from the latest issue of Threads.
  4. Start and finish my "Sew for Victory" blouse. BLOG ABOUT IT.
If anyone's reading this, I'd like to hear your experiences and plans for spring/summer wardrobe sewing!

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